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ISPRL operates the storage facilities as custodian of core critical sovereign crude oil reserves apart from operating the facilities as custodian of crude oil for any other entity that Government decides. It shall also coordinate the release and replenishment of strategic crude oil stock during supply disruptions through an Empowered Committee of the Government of India. All the three locations viz Visakhapatnam (June 2015), Mangalore (October 2016) and Padur (December 2018) have been commissioned. At Visakhapatnam HPCL is utilizing the 0.3 MMT compartment for its day to day refinery operations.

Padur facility commissioned on15.12.2018 by transferring of 0.625 MMT of Crude oil from Mangalore to Padur.

The physical status of the three projects is as of end February 2019 is as follows:

Project Location Cumulative Physical Progress in %
Visakhapatnam 100
Mangalore 100
Padur 100

As on 31.03.2019, the authorized capital was Rs.3832.56 Crore and paid up & subscribed capital of the company was Rs.3748.37 Crore.

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